My Name is Maggie & I’m Addicted to Amazon


My mom says Amazon is taking over the world.  Like it’s a bad thing.  It’s the same spiel I heard about WalMart and McDonald’s as a child.  Now, I credit my mama with instilling in me lots of moral and philosophical viewpoints which I still uphold today.  Avoiding big business solely on principle is simply not one of them.

Of course, that’s not to say I don’t make a concerted effort to shop locally and support independent businesses either.  I just…I just can’t stop adding to my Amazon cart. I haven’t given in and gotten a Dash Button (if you don’t know what I’m talking about, don’t even look it up…you’ll want one), and I don’t order my groceries from the Pantry (yet).  I even created a Wish List to help curb my impulsive buying tendencies.  But man, you really just can’t beat free two-day shipping with Amazon Prime.  I’m honestly considering becoming one of those moms who orders diapers from Amazon.  Seriously.

Anyway, I’m pretty obsessed with my most recent purchases, and I’m not even going to tell you how many times I’ve tracked their shipping progress.  These items are especially important to me because they are for the “Big Sister Kit” that we are giving to Arabella when Axton arrives on June 23.  I’ve read lots of blog posts and discussion forums about the importance of making the big sibling feel special–which I know seems like common sense, but it’s nice to read suggestions and ideas from moms who have been there and done that.  She is already so excited about her baby brother, I wanted to get her some special keepsakes and practical quiet playtime toys to keep her feeling involved and entertained.

Here’s the rundown:

61p6OIcuM-L._SL1000_This will be her hospital bag, though she won’t be staying there with us.  I plan for her to be there with grandparents when Axton is born.  Since it’s a scheduled c-section, we can plan more than we could have otherwise.  When she leaves, this bag will stay in our room with her toys and snacks for when she comes back.  We will send another overnight bag with her to the grandparents’ house.


I have a Pinterest board just for busy bag ideas.  I made several last summer for vacation, and she loved playing with them in restaurants and while relaxing on rainy beach days. I hope I still have time to make some new ones to have around the house for when she’s antsy this summer, but for the hospital I copped out and bought this Creativity Can to put in her bag.  It’s full of random odds and ends of craft and building materials.


She hasn’t ever played with felt! I never thought about it before.  I think the novelty of it will really keep her entertained.  I remember playing with a felt board with my cousins when I was little.  We designed scenes and told stories for our characters.  I’m excited to play this with her, and I thought it would be a good activity that I can still participate in from bed or on the couch during recovery at home.


Remember when disposable cameras were a thing? Amazon does!  I can’t believe how expensive these suckers are these days.  I’m pretty sure we got them at the dollar store for trips and projects when I was in school.  Now, the regular Kodak and Fujifilm varieties are pushing twenty dollars!  (I think they are multi packs, but still.)  The novelty Big Sister version was comparable in price, so I went for it.  She has a digital camera, but we never do anything we those pictures (we should, but this summer probably won’t be the time to get started).  How cool will it be to have a photo album of pictures of the new baby from her perspective?

61u+yZmwpwL._SL1201_This gift will not be in the Big Sister Kit. Instead, it’s going to be a special present “from” the baby.  I have a stuffed animal for her to bring to baby brother, and I’ve read about other parents doing something similar with a gift exchange.  At first I thought it seemed kind of silly, but she’s already endured months and months of us buying and preparing things that aren’t for her, so I really believe it’s a good gesture.  I wanted her to have a keepsake anyway, so what’s the harm in telling her it’s from her new baby brother? It will be so special.

I had a Big Sister shirt made for her when we told her we were expecting, but since that was at Thanksgiving, it’s a little out of season for June.  She is so girly…she is going to LOVE the sparkles and bows on this tank top! I think this is probably what she will wear to the hospital when he is born.  I also ordered her two Big Sister t-shirts to wear when she comes to visit in the days after.

So okay, fine, I’m an Amazon addict.  Even my students know it (and call me out on it).  And maybe I ordered myself an adorable pair of Kate Spade sunglasses while I was at it.  BRB…time to go track my packages…


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  1. I LOVE Amazon also! I am a Prime member so I get my items with free shipping and in two days. I love these items and Big Sister will also!


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