Anniversary Plans


Our seventh wedding anniversary is approaching, on June 6.  We always try to do something really cool and semi-local for our anniversary, depending on our work and financial situations during the given year.  For our first anniversary, we went to Cumberland Falls in southern Kentucky to see the moonbow. It’s one of the few places in the world where there’s a “rainbow” at night from the light of the moon, and it’s only visible a few times a year.  We’ve also done the Urban Bourbon Trail in Louisville and stayed at the Seelbach Hilton Hotel there, where Fitzgerald is said to have gotten the inspiration for The Great Gatsby.  

This year, I thought I knew what we were going to do, but now we have two ideas.  And as far as ideas for summertime outings go, they’re pretty much opposites.

This music festival takes place at a pretty cool park in downtown Cincinnati, which would take us a little over an hour to drive to…not to mention finding parking and braving the crowd at 37 weeks pregnant.  And of course, being at an outdoor music festival in the summertime will bring with it certain…ahem, tempting beverages, of which I can’t currently partake.  I’m honestly not sure how much fun it will be to be that hot, sweaty, cramped, and sober while rocking out to some Kacey Musgraves.  Plus, tickets are $79 per person, and we would be out super late and away from Bella overnight.

Augusta is just the next town over from us, about 15 minutes away.  I haven’t spent much time there, but we had a Mother’s Day dinner there last Friday night with my best friends and it is such a cool, quirky little place!  We ate at a cafe that had a hopping pub across the street, and after dinner we walked next door to a pizza parlor that had a walk-up window for soft-serve ice cream.  The row houses are beautiful, and there’s such an artsy vibe.  It’s smaller than our downtown, but more revitalized and consistently….just nice.  This festival is something that is on my radar every year, but it always conflicts with our schedules.  I think it would be a very relaxing day to just stroll through the artwork and vendors, enjoying live music and festival food.

I have to go to graduation on the morning of our anniversary, and Adam will take Bella to his parents during the ceremony, before meeting me and my friends at a diner downtown which has become kind of a tradition in the last few years.  Then, we will be free to celebrate however we choose.  But what will we choose??

Knowing how I operate, I’ll find fifteen other options between now and then! But that’s one of the best things about summertime around here. There’s so much to do within an hour drive or so.  I absolutely love summer in Kentucky! If only we had a beach, my anniversary plans would be complete!


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